User Manual


Please keep phone on “Airplane Mode” until your arrival in Israel. When getting off the plane, simply turn airplane mode off.

SEQUENCE: Settings > airplane mode > off.


Make sure data roaming is on.

SEQUENCE: Settings > general > cellular data > roaming on.


When calling the United States, please remember that you must dial “001” and then the number you are trying to reach.


To set up Voice mail, Dial and hold 1 for 5 seconds. and enter 1234 as the password. Please do not change the password.


There are several options available for saving pictures. You may connect to iTunes when you return from your trip, you may send the pictures to your iCloud account, or you may email them to yourself while you are in Israel.


To set up email, follow the following SEQUENCE:

SEQUENCE: Settings > mail > contacts > Calendars > Add account.


If you would like to use the App Store, simply press the App Store icon and sign in with Apple ID and the password “Unlimitedisrael11,” without the quotation marks. Please ONLY download free Apps with this username and password.


In order to set up the mobile wi-fi hotpost functionality, simply follow this SEQUENCE:

SEQUENCE: Settings > general > Cellular > Set up personal Hotspot.


Please reset phone prior to returning it via the following SEQUENCE:

SEQUENCE: Settings > general > reset.

If phone freezes or slows down simply hold down power button while pressing home button until you see the Apple logo becomes visible.

To return your phone by shipment (at customer’s expense), simply send it back in bubbled packaging labeled fragile to 21 Robert pitt drive suite 104 Monsey, NY 10952. Do not add a signature requirement to the package. If shipping, please make sure the phone is back to our office within 1-3 days to avoid any fees. If hand-delivering the phone back to us at the above address, it must be received within one day of your return to the United States in order to avoid incurring additional fees.